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Online courses are avialable through an external site. 

For in person training please see coaching packages.

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Energy Foundations

$150​ - 3 weeks

21 days to master empathy and live in your own energy. Find out what I do to maintain a strong energy foundation.

Signs you have holes in your energy are:

1. Lacking confidence

2. The need to please others

3. Exhaustive effort for minimal results

4. Manifesting fails or cannot be maintained

5. Feeling others emotions

6. Empath and HSP overload

7. Sudden fatigue

8. Feeling invisible or neglected

What is Emapthy.jpg

What is Empathy

$90 - 1 Hour

Discovering you are an empath can be a confusing thing, especially once you start Googling about the subject and find so much conflicting information. In this tutorial I share my experience as an empath, what I wish I had known when I started my journey and why as an empaths we experience the world differently than others. You'll understand some of the common misguidance we receive and what really works instead.

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Empathy and Relationships

$90 - 1 Hour

Relationships for an empath are a deeply personal experience, however we often fall into the same roles and problems without knowing why. We are natural healers, helpers and nurturers but we don't receive the same reciprocation. Find out why you connect deeper to other people than they connect to you. Why it feels like you're doing all the work and what you can do to have healthier, balanced energy in your relationships and how to have people reach out to you.

What is Emapthy (2).jpg

Empathy and Breakups

$90 - 1 Hour

Breaking up as an empath is not as simple as getting rid of your ex's stuff and moving on, there is still an energy connection. Find out how this energy connection is affecting you, why it feels like "it just don't feel over" and the steps you'll need to take to let go of your energy connection and move on. You'll be guided through a meditation to release cords of attachment and reclaim your energy and your power. 

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