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Mercury Retrograde Dec 3-22

Just before the holidays and a very busy social month on many of our calendars, Mercury goes retrograde for the last time in 2017. Mercury is the planet of communication and the ruler of zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo. The planet of communication also governs our conscious and subconscious minds, travel and electronics. So if you were planning on buying electronics as gifts OR plan on travelling it is recommended that you do it before or after the retrograde passes. Back in November I sent out a reminder to do just that!

As a planet enter retrograde it appears to be moving backwards from our view on earth. It is only an appearance yet it's energetic impact is quite large. As the planet of the mind goes into retrograde we will likely be finding ourselves delving into what did not happen for us in 2017 and where we are feeling stuck. As the month of December offers less light, longer nights and colder weather it can put a damper on our moods.

So what can you do to pump up the holiday spirit? Spend some time to process your feelings, allowing yourself to release any regrets or hurts from 2017 and free yourself of anything you do not want to take with you into 2018. Also take Epsom salt baths, the magnesium in the salts helps release muscle tension, detoxes the body and calms the nervous system. Additionally Epsom salts also cleans the aura and clears up emotional energy.

However, if matters are feeling to clouded, really close to the heart or are really long term patterns it can be hard to see things clearly and this is when I recommend an Angel reading as your Angels and guides can offer great insight and healing energies to help you heal during this retrograde.

If you are stuck and looking for additional guidance then book a session here.

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