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  • What is Reiki and how can it help me?
    Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy and it is the energy in all of life. The energy can only do good and as a Reiki Master the energy that passes to you clears, balances and assists you in healing on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level. It can help you if you are feeling really suck or unable to make progress. The positive pure energy helps you to be empowered on your healing path. Simply it puts good fuel in your tank so you can live your life and make the changes you want to see. Also when the body has resource and is relaxed it knows what it needs to do to heal on all levels.
  • What can I expect from a reading?
    As a Psychic and a Guide I can see your past, present and current future based on your current energies, choices and decisions. However, as Guide I can see if you change something what your new outcomes and results will be. Whatever is needed in a reading is what is provided. If you need guidance, new information, to clear your energy, a meditation or an exercise to help you along your path, that is included in the cost of the reading.
  • Do you do mediumship or spiritual mentorship?
    Yes. I can connect to your past loved ones. If you want to connect to them please let me know as I usually work with Angels and Guides who are on a different level. Yes I also mentor on spiritual practices or development of gifts.
  • What can I expect from a Reiki session?
    Come dressed comfortably and with an open mind. The session begins with a mini reading and guidance, to see where to direct the focus for your healing. Then we move over to the Reiki table where your Reiki session takes place. As you relax and are taken on a guided meditation I use gentle hand placements over the major energy centers of the body, known as chakras. You may notice tingling or that my hands feel as warm as a hot water bottle, that is the energy. You will feel very relaxed at the end of a Reiki session so make sure to set aside time after your session to relax.
  • What if I book to long of a session?
    You pay for the time you used based on my current session intervals of 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour. If you get everything in need in 45 minutes, then we end the session there and only pay for the time used. No point in wasting your time or mine.
  • Do you use tarot?
    Usually no, I speak directly to your Angels and Guides to deliver their direct messages. If I feel called to use the cards then I do.
  • Do you take clients in person?
    No, not at this time. Readings are just as accurate over the phone or zoom. The only sessions I currently take in person is Reiki if a person requests an in person healing session.
  • How long of a session do I need?
    That depends on how many topics, such as love or career that you want to cover or if you want to do both a psychic reading and mediumship to connect to past loved ones. Suggested times: 30 minutes: 1 in depth topic, such as love or 3 topics answered generally. 45 minutes: 2-3 topics in depth, or 2 topics and 1 mediumship connection. 1 Hour: 3 or more topics with detail, best for mentorship and clearing of your energy.
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