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Bakelmun Massage Therapy

We are excited and pleased to announce that Sonja will be a guest speaker at Bakelmun Massage Therapy's private function and grand opening of their new facilities in Stouffville later this month. As an advocate for whole person care, Sonja will be sharing her insights and healing knowledge with those in attendance.

Bakelmun Massage Therapy shares our philosophy of whole person care, body, mind and spirit. The healing process, whether it be physical or spiritual needs a balanced approach and a support team to guide the process. Through focusing on the root causes of her client’s pains, Andria (RMT) educates and empowers her clients to make positive changes to lead a healthier, pain free life.

Allowing her intuition and sensitive hands to feel tension in the body Andria ultimately helps the body release tension and heal. When we asked Andria what she finds most important when working with her clients, she replied “I feel that being present [with my clients] when doing a treatment is most important for me”. Andria has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2010 and has been servicing the Stoufville area bringing her charming personality, deep tissue massages and invaluable knowledge to the public.

Tru Lite Guide appreciates and supports small and local businesses, especially those focused on empowering their patrons in their quest for health and wellbeing. Tru Lite Guide's vision is for global wellness through personal change and empowerment, because when you bring your true gifts and self to the world everyone benefits.


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