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5 Causes of Excess Energy

When you can't sleep, feel endlessly fidgety, lack focus or drive and nothing is getting may be carrying too much energy. This can trigger a state of overwhelm in the system and the nervous system will go into preservation. In this fight, flight or freeze response you're probably revving high with lots of energy but your unable to take action and are quite literally a dear frozen in the head lights. How did this happen? There are many ways energy gets stuck and if we don't have an outlet or are unable to process the energy quickly enough it gets stuck. The energy release and clearing techniques mentioned below are all listed in last weeks post 5 Energy Clearning Tips for ways to get rid of the excess energy and get back to being healthy.

1 - Fear and Anxiety

Fear for a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) or an Empath is incredibly overwhelming because of our super powers. As a person who can sense the environment or what is coming to us without leaving the house, when we feel threatened our super powers become more sensitive to sense for threats. It literally puts your spiritual and physical senses into over drive. This means you're likely receiving more energy, information and sensory overload than your system can process, which leads to overwhelm and shut down. Learning claming techniques is the most critical thing you can do, including the 5 Minute Miracle from last weeks post.

2 - Over Thinking

Our thoughts are incredibly powerful especially for those born under the air sings of Gemini, Libra and Aires as the element of air relates to our thoughts and minds. Our thoughts draw to us the very thing we are thinking about both in the spiritual and physical levels. To understand this let's look at the manifesting channel. The manifesting channel works as such...our thoughts create our emotions, our emotions dictate our actions and our actions lead us to our results. If you are stuck in thought you are likely drowning in emotions and without a balance of taking appropriate action then energy is building without a place to go. You'll also be receiving a lot of spiritual information and feedback which will also overload your system. Angel Coaching is powerful for those who want to learn techniques and tools to stop this process and use your energy in a more healthy way. For clearing sage and clearing baths will help the most.

3 - Unresolved Emotions

When life events happen that we have no control over and we are left with a life lesson and lots of emotions it is important to process your feelings and integrate the lessons you are meant to learn. When we don't we lock this energy into our nervous system and the world will continue to bring us events that trigger this lesson and these feelings until we are ready to do the internal work we are meant to do. Having a full range of emotions is healthy and embracing and feeling your emotions with compassion is so important. If the world is a mirror to us, just consider that if you are willing to look at your emotions honestly with compassion so will those you attract to you. To process and clear these energies try the Journal and Release exercise followed by saging your space and a clearing bath. You'll thank me when you're done.

4 - Toxic People & Environments

Angel CoachingWhen people do not process or express their emotions in a healthy way it accumulates and can stick to us and our environments like slime. We all do it, but some people do it as a way of life. For ourselves we have the choice to process our emotions and learn to return ourselves to love and peace but for others it's all about creating boundaries. Spending too much time around these people or spaces will eventually start to impact your energy. Proper energy hygiene is critical and understanding that these people and environments are apart of life, so instead of resenting it embrace it and do your part. The most powerful thing you can do is honor and process how these people make you feel then change to a positive perspective, maybe this is a consistent situation and that means you know what to expect and that means you know how to prepare for engaging with these people and places. For those of you who have done , The Circle exercise is perfect for this so you can leave the energy behind and feel powerful in your loving self. Also for all of you check out next weeks blog for Creating Energy Boundaries.

5 - Clutter & Hoarding

Our space is a reflection of our energy. If your space is cluttered, you can't find things and you hold onto every memento that passes through your hands it is a clear sign that you are also holding onto alot of mental and emotional energy as well. Hoarding is a strong word, but it can be extreme or as simple as being overly sentimental and attaching too much emotion memory to objects and things. The inability to let things go in our environment is a sign of not being able to let go of emotions and thoughts. Ask yourself what you are afraid of letting go of and why? The answer may surprise you. Donating things you have not used in the past year is a fabulous and powerful way to let energy go and make sure to sage and use sea salt when you clean. Again you can learn more about that in last weeks post.

This post is a personal reflection of what I have learned about energy and our energy systems. Energy work is apart of a complete and healthy lifestyle including diet, lifestyle and seeking the support we need whether it be personal or professional. Next week we will explore Energy Boundaries.

Now for your weekly energy report!!! Remember if you life these posts please like, comment and share!!!

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