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Confident Decision Making

Stop beating yourself up every time you make a decision. Maybe you notice this pattern, or maybe by reading this you`ll notice the anxiety ridden way you`ve been making decision. It starts by noticing that something needs to be done and this is going to start with a decision. You already know the goal or outcome that you need. You fret over it or maybe avoid it all together, you`re having anxiety over the "what might, potentially, kind of happen" scenario. You don`t want to make the wrong choice and pay the consequences. Once you've made your choice you don't fully commit to it. You spend your time fretting over it, questioning your decision and over analyzing it and maybe even changing your mind a couple of times. Now what if you have a clear goal in mind and you are ready to make a decision on how to proceed and you tried this instead...

Step 1, Feel safe and revisit past decisions that have worked out. Skip over perfection and looking at how it wasn`t a perfect or exact outcome. Instead look at where you made good choices and decisions. Feeling safe and confident ask yourself "If I felt safe I would.....?".

Step 2, Fully commit to your decision and set a commitment date. This is a deadline for your decision, that you will completely commit to your decision until this date without questioning or worrying about the outcome.

Step 3, Define your fail safe markers. This is clear outcomes, that if you see this result it is clear your decision is not helping you reach a goal. If you were trying a new diet to loose weight and after a week you've gained 10 pounds its safe to abandon your plan and revisit your decision. If you do not hit these critical markers, and continue towards your goal, move forward with confidence.

Step 4, Deliverance day. You've made it to your designated date following your plan. Review your progress and see what was successful and what needs finessing. If futher progress is needed revisit step 1. If you've completely reached your goal, congratulations!

Notice during this process there is no time you criticize yourself, your decision or your outcome. It's about observing and redirecting if necessary. Finally celebrate your ability to make firm decisions and how much better it feels to commit to your decisions with confidence.

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