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Releasing Toxic Emotions

Healing is a part of personal and spiritual growth. Being able to review your past with compassion and love is important. Unhealed negative experiences are the root of repeating negative patterns in our lives. Many people will say they have healed, or let go of the past but they become uncomfortable, resentful or emotional if the past is mentioned or they continue to find themselves in similar negative situations. These are clear signs that the past is only being supressed and that healing has not taken place.

A large part of healing is being responsible for our own actions and learning to let go. So often we say “I do not want to think or feel like that anymore” and shortly after we are thinking and feeling the same. So how do you release something as elusive as a thought or emotion? By giving it a physical release! Journaling your thoughts and emotions gives them a physical representation and something you can then let go.

Deepak Chopra explains how to create an effective releasing letter here.

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