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Intuition, Guidance & Hugs

We could all use some comfort right now. I will share what I have intuited over the past couple of weeks leading up to the events that are unfolding worldwide. These are personal insights into my own life (more than the virus per say) but I hope my insights will offer you some peace. Sending you all hugs. Also I am open for business March 14 to April 6th.

Don't panic. June feels better. Don't over buy.

As a professional psychic I have learned to greatly trust my intuition especially when planning. When I cannot plan something, I do not push through it. Instead I pause and reflect on what I already know, what new information may help me and I listen to my intuition. In this process I have learned when I am blocked, that my plans, no matter how good they are will not work out. It also stops me from over planning (an old habit of mine). There is a certain knowing that comes across as being indecisive about my choice, or feeling uncertain. Sometimes I just have a hard time taking action, even though I know what I need to do. It's hard to put into words but I just know that moment that life says "stop" or "not yet". These are the moments that I know there is either more information that will be made available later and is not available to me now or a better option will become available later that is not available now.

Let Intuition Guide

This year I had set a goal to plan a family excursion or overnight trip every month this year. Twelve months, twelve experiences. In January I flew through planning January, February and even March. January we did a day trip locally. In February it was an overnight visit to Nottawasaga Inn and then March 1st a trip to Great Wolf Lodge and even a play date for my girls at the end of March. The play date was considered for a play center but both me and the other mom decided to confirm closer to the date. Intuition was definitely guiding us. All booked early, quickly and without hesitation. Just that intuitive knowing these were the right options and taking action was easy. Planning March break my intuition said to stay close to home and plan some fun activities. Planning April and May, that's where I was blocked. No panic, no concerns just simply that more information would become available later.


April was easy, my intuition guided me to wait. That it would be a day trip to somewhere local and not to worry about it now. There was no panic or concern or foreboding. Just that the right option would come to me later and to wait for that information to find me. Even though I really wanted to plan ahead as I had for the first three months I knew my time planning would be wasted.


May is my birthday month and I had plans for us to visit a cute little bed and breakfast close to Wasaga Beach. I had dreamed of this since last year when I found this quaint little place and I decided we would go there for my birthday this year. Yet my gut felt it wasn't the right trip for us or rather not the right timing. June seemed to have better weather, easier travel and would be better for us. My intuition said to wait, to postpone my birthday excursion. So I thought about booking it for June, but again my intuition said "wait until the date is closer, it will be easier to plan it then". So I listened.

Don't Over Buy

Additionally over the last three weeks I noticed my grocery bills were higher. Each week I kept getting that intuitive "don't overstock, plan ahead and be more conservative". Literally last week I said this to my husband as we shopped the aisles. Even though I said it I still bought to much. (Personal reminder to not shop hungry after skating lessons).


Don't panic. These are times to take in all information provided, listen to your intuition and make wise choices for yourself and please do not follow mass hysteria. As a professional psychic and guide I tell people all the time "This is all information to consider, the power of decision is yours". April and May feel like we will be planning short term for now, continuing to wash our hands regularly and being conservative. Nothing overly crazy, just a time for us to keep things simple. June feels like things become much easier, moving forward and lighter. Times are stressful and uncertain right now, but I have not felt any rush to prepare for impeding doom. Just to wait, keep it simple and chill out closer to home until June. Again these are intuitive insights and only life will really tell what really happens.

Wishing you all well and sending hugs.

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