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5 Energy Clearing Tips

Feeling anxious, tired or overwhelmed can be a sign of too much energy and there is something you can do about it. Energy clearing is apart of a complete holistic lifestyle. It is incredibly important for those who are sensitive, empathetic, have allergies and those experiencing consistent or high levels of stress.

1 - Epsom Salt

Salt is a naturally grounding energy and represents the energy of earth. When you feel yourself carrying too much emotional energy taking an Epsom salt bath will clear the aura and emotional energy. The magnesium in the bath naturally clams the nervous system, cleanses the aura, releases blocked energy in the body as well as muscle tension and clears your energy from a physical level to the etheric level. Taking a bath weekly is good energy hygiene and will help you sleep.Use 1 cup or epsom salts to a bath and soak for at least 15 minuets, repeat weekly.

2 - Sea Salt

Sea salt carries a high vibration and again represents the energy of earth. Sea salt both clears energy and can help heal holes in the aura. Holes in the aura can allow energy to pass through unhindered and can make us feel sluggish. Holes in the aura can be caused by trauma, extreme emotions or from physical injuries. Use one cup of sea salt to a bath and soak for 15 minutes. If you want to clear the energy in your home then add a small amount of sea salt to your cleaning products or mop water. The salt will clear negative energies and also add protection to the space.

3 - Sage

White sage is a native tradition used to clear negative energies from people and spaces. Smudging is the act of burning white sage and the smoke clings to negative energies and clears them out of your space. The key to effectively clearing the space is to focus on a positive intention you want and not what you are clearing. Sage has a very high vibration and your intention will welcome in what you think of. So if you don't want negative people and energy lingering in your space, then think of something like "I welcome love and laughter here" as you allow the smoke to fill you space. Open a window to allow smoke to carry out any energies that do not match your intention.

4 - Journal and Release

One of my favorite methods is to write down my worries and physically release them. Thoughts and emotions are energetic, so it goes to say that negative thoughts and emotions carry negative energies and positive thoughts and emotions carry positive energies. Allowing yourself to process your thoughts and feelings is a way of releasing them. By writting them down you give them a physical space so that you can then physically release them. Start by writing your negative thoughts and emotions until you feel you have given yourself space to feel and think about the problem. Next write your intention that this is the last time you need to think or feel these emotions and that you are now releasing them to be transmuted into a higher vibration of energy. Now state a positive intention you want to carry instead. An example would be releasing your financial worries and setting an intention to carry the energy of security and stability instead. When you are done destroy the journal and let it go. Either rip it up and toss it out or burn it, whatever way is safest for you and feels right. Now go about your day. Trust the negativity is gone and that good things will now follow.

5 - 5 Minute Miracle

This powerful tool should be used each night before bed and again first thing in the morning. It will clear and set your energy with powerful and strong intention and build confidence and happiness in your life. Start by visualizing a golden ball of light at your heart and feel self compassion. For two minutes allow yourself to see all of your worries flowing into this golden ball of light and melting away in this sea of self compassion. Now thank these energies and call in your Angels and with a deep breathe, as you exhale release your worries to your Angels and have faith help is on the way. Now picture another ball of golden light at your heart and feel gratitude. For the next 3 minutes picture all of the things you have been grateful for today flowing into the ball of light. Focus on the feeling and notice how more things have gone right than wrong today. Now again thank the energies and call in your Angels and thank them for being with you. Take one last deep breathe and as you exhale release the energy. You have raised your energy frequency so you will attract more positive energy into your life.

Excess energy can be the cause of many problems and I will explore the top 5 Causes of Excess Energy here.

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