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Getting Centered

Logic, intuition and emotional stability are the powerhouses of being centered. When you moderate your reactions and slow down enough to respond from a place that is centered you'll get much greater results with less effort. Getting centered during such intense times with the crazy news and politics, busy summer social schedule and so much happening in the cosmos it is super easy to get undergrounded, stuck in our thoughts and emotions and run on autopilot.

Through my work as an Angel Reader and Guide I get to meet the most fascinating and exciting people and peer into the most intimate parts of their lives. From romance to career to discovering incredible talents and spiritual gifts I've come to understand what drives people and creates success. Those who have a clear vision for what they want and hold consistently to it achieve their success. Others who are driven by excitement and adventure alone, without a goal find themselves wandering aimlessly unsure of why they don't see results.

Pendulum of Life The Pendulum of Life is an analogy I use to help people understand that everything has an equal-opposite. When the pendulum is centered and not swinging, no energy is flowing and you find yourself in a place of neither good or bad emotion. It's just a place of observing. When the pendulum swings gently you experience consistent moments of happy-contentment on the good side and disappointment and upset on the negative side.This emotional swing is gentle and easily navigated. If you experience intense-passionate-excitement then you'll find that you're negative emotions swing all the way to intense-passionate-anger or sadness. Depending on your swing will depend on your results. Gentle energy swings bring with it consistency and sustainability in emotions and results. Where as intense swings bring big success and big upsets.

Getting Centered Often the intensity of emotions has nothing to do with a present moment. Unless you happen to be a lion tamer it's unlikely you need to feel that level of adrenaline and excitement in your every day. If you feel like the only thing that will help you feel better is a crazy, exotic vacation or another intense experience then you're likely experiencing a very intense negative emotion. The logical, but not practical solution is to balance the negative intensity with an equal or greater positive experience but this intensity still does not get you connected to your center. To connect to your center, where logical processes meets intuitive insights and emotional regulation you need to live in the moment.

Live In 24 Hours

Getting centered means spending most of your time and thoughts living from the now. When you're emotionally engaged with what you are doing you'll find greater peace which allows your mind to open up and accept new possibilities. From this place your intuition will flow easier and taking informed appropriate actions comes naturally. What this means is you're connected to your spirit, mentally and emotionally involved in what you are doing and with taking appropriate action you'll get results - BIG results! Much different than if you're emotional intensity has your thoughts in overdrive, with little action being taken and although you're expending immense energy you're not seeing results.

21 Days To Reset To create a consistent balance it takes 21 days. That is the length of time your mind need to integrate a new plan before it becomes natural and automatic. That is why I call any form of energy training an energy diet. Consistency is key and the results are worth it. For myself and my coaching clients have had great results with the technique I teach. It is practical and takes only a few minutes each day with a morning meditation (10 minutes) an afternoon reset (5 minutes) and an evening meditation (10 minutes) and I call it Energy Foundations: Tools for Empath and Manifesting Mastery. In my program I help you learn to live from your center. For Empaths and HSP you learn to put yourself and Your Energy at the center of your world.

Energy Foundations

These spiritual tools are designed for mainstream living so you can integrate your tools in a practical and powerful way. This program is broken down into three parts. Each week you’ll build upon the lessons and energy of the previous week.

Week 1: Being Present – Reclaiming your Power
Week 2: The Observer – Intuitive Insights
Week 3: Detachment – Mastering Internal Happiness
To learn more or purchase my course, you can find all the details here!

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