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Angel Readings - What to Expect

What a wonderful gift to connect people to their Angels. Many people are unaware of what to expect in a reading, and after a reading clients often feel inspired and wonder what is the next step. so today's post I decided to answer these questions for you.

During an Angel reading your Angels will show me where you have been, where you are and what your future holds based on your current beliefs and where your energy is flowing. Many people come to an Angel reading to find out what changes are coming into their lives. When the changes are not in your best interest, will not make you happy or no change is foreseen then your Angels will guide you on what you need to do for your best and highest good. As your destiny is not set in stone and there is more than one path to fulfilling your dreams, Angel guidance can be extremely helpful when you find yourself feeling lost.

After a reading its normal to feel inspired and excited about the future, but also uncertain. If you are in the midst of change sometimes regular or additional guidance is helpful. This is where I designed services and packages to support those who are looking for coaching and guidance. Check out some of my services below:

6 Weeks of Angel Messages: This is best for those who are looking for daily inspiration to live to their greatest potential. Each week you will receive a personalized video Angel reading emailed directly to you. The reading will cover an Angel card for the week, to show you the overall theme or focus of the week and then daily cards of guidance. Much like a daily astrology forcast, this one is a personal message from your Angels.

Angel Coaching - 6 Half Hour Sessions: This is highly recommended for those seeking empathy training, relationship skill building or help transitioning after a loss of a relationship or loved one. This is a 30 minute Angel session each week for 6 weeks designed to help you with skill building, harnessing the power of forgiveness and working with Laws of Attraction to manifest the life of your dreams. Each week connect with your Angels for their personalized healing and inspiring messages to help you quickly bridge the gap to healing and achieving your dreams.

Angel Coaching - 4 One Hour Sessions : This is best for those creating large changes and have a clear goal in mind and need guidance on the next right step towards your dreams. This is a 1 hour session best booked monthly, or weekly depending on your personal timeline for completing your goal. The secret to success is not seeing what did not work, but rather understanding where you are going and knowing all you need to focus on and ask is what is the next right step on the path to my dreams. As your Angels will see where you are headed they will guide you to stay aligned to your goal and guide you for what step is next to achieving your dreams.

These packages are designed for those ready to commit to themselves and their goals and when you prepay these sessions you receive an 11% discount. You can purchase your Angel packages here.

*Note, services and pricing can change at any time. To find out if a service is available and right for you, please contact me.

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