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The Angels Want You To Dream Today

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This post is all about connecting to the vibration and emotion of LOVE. While having my morning coffee the Angels were speaking loud and clear, they want everyone to know that today is all about letting go of worry, regret or any negative emotion and getting in the flow of love and focusing on our dreams. You create with lightning speed when you are connected to and stay in the vibration of love. Whether you are in a relationship, seeking one or appreciating past loved ones today is all about filling ourselves with the feeling of love and just as important…opening up to receiving love! Ready to get started, let’s begin by asking the Angels to work with us.

Today ask Archangel Jophiel to work with you to keep your thoughts positive and light. Her name means “beauty of God” and she can help us see the beauty in any situation, keeping our thoughts and emotions positive and flowing with good energy. Also ask Archangel Raguel to help you heal any misunderstandings and create harmonious relationships. Remember that angels need you to “request” or “ask” for their assistance for them to work with us.

Step 1: Appreciate today

The vibration of appreciation and gratitude is filled with love energy. When you connect to your heart and appreciate all the things the world has brought you, you begin generating this wonderful emotion and vibration. Place your hand on your heart and connect inwards to your spirit, then say as many things as you can that you appreciate about today. Whether it be the comfort of your cozy home, the sunshine, your morning coffee or your lovable pet, appreciate all of these things out loud. This will set you up to attract more wonderful events or things in your life.

Step 2: Appreciate other people in your life

While holding your hand over your heart appreciate out loud all the wonderful people in your life. Acknowledge how they make your life more wonderful and enrich your life. If you are looking to heal a relationship then acknowledge what you truly appreciate and love about the other person and focus on these positive traits. If you want to enrich a current relationship or attract one then acknowledge all the things you love in a partner. By acknowledging all these positive traits you will receive more of them in your life or attract someone who has these wonderful attributes.

Step 3: Appreciate yourself

Now appreciate yourself and all the things you love about you. See how wonderful you are and how you enrich the lives of others. Remind yourself that you are worthy of love and allow yourself to open up to receiving love in your life. Don’t cheap out here, name at least 20 things you love about yourself. This will help you see how worthy you are of having good people and good things in your life.

Step 4: Time to dream

Feeling strong and confident that today is filled with so many beautiful things for you, tell your Angels what you want to create in your life. Feeling the gratitude and love in your heart you will be creating at lightening speed. Let go of “how” you will create it and just love yourself and what it will be like when your dream comes true. Let these visions of what you want fill you with joy and anticipation and keep yourself open to accept the beautiful gifts and people waiting to come into your life.

What a better day than to work on your goals than a day flowing with love energy! Happy Creating!!!

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