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Trust the Timing & 11.1.1 Energy

It's finally over, Mercury has gone direct and we can all breathe again. Mercury is known to be challenging on our electronics and this retrogade actually took out my phone! Now that Mercury is direct you should feel less pressure and more progress as things start to flow again.

Also an important reminder that Monday is a 11.1.1 day. As we are in a number 1 year, September is a number 1 month and Monday is the 11th it is a day for thinking of what you want as it will come through quickly. The trick is trusting the process and the Angels brought through some great tips on how to view the process of asking and then being patient to receive.

Finally if you have not had a chance to check out my 6 Weeks of Angel messages you can check it out here. For some amazing and personalized messages each week at an incredible price.

As always, if you found this video helpful...Please Share!

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