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Supporting Youth Mental Health & Self Care is YOUR Responsibility

Angel validations came through in today`s message, letting me know there are many of you that need this message at this time.

Join me in support of the OSS - One Stop Shopping event in support of Youth Mental Health on November 4th, 2017. I will be donating my services of one-to-one readings to those who donate. I will be donating my time and readings and all donations collected are going directly to the cause.

Many of us have either experienced mental illness ourselves or have known or supported someone who is a sufferer of mental illness and know how important it is for self care. Today`s message is really about how we are each responsible for ourselves and our own care. In order to give from an authentic place we must first have for ourselves. This means in order to give patience, we need to already have patience for ourselves. In order to give love we must be filled with love. The responsibility for these things is with ourselves. We each must fill ourselves with self love, self compassion and patience in order to have these gifts to give to others.

For those care givers, teachers, nurses or those who are incredibly giving by nature often find themselves burned out. It is important to remember that we are each responsible for ourselves and although giving is a good thing make sure you are not hurting yourself in order to do so. Secondly make sure that you are not doing for others what they should be doing for themselves. By taking on others responsibilities we are ultimately saying the other person is not capable of self care and secondly, we are enabling them to be victims instead of healthy persons.

Archangel Ariel also came through with a message telling us to remember to give and receive with gratitude. You may be finding yourself focused on one of of receiving what you need, but the Angels are asking you to let go and have faith and watch as your needs can be met in magical ways.

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