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Mental Trauma & Healing

The Angels have been bringing through a lot of messages about mental trauma and what they are calling on us to do. When there is an over activity in the brain, that gets stuck without release it can leave us feeling trapped. Even after it appears we have healed or moved on it can be triggered again by another event. Ofter this time our over blown reaction doesn't make sense to the actual events that happened. The brain runs us in circles trying to understand what happened. Why. How to avoid it in the future. Yet the mental cycle goes on and on you cannot focus on anything else and there seems no way out.

When the mind cannot make sense of the events the Angels were very clear on there message. The only next right step is to forgive. You see the mind cannot understand forgiveness and in truth it is not an act of the mind but of the heart and soul. The way the Angels showed me this was showing an electrical storm that gets stuck in the brain from an impactful and painful event. The energy never dissipates until it is experienced through emotion and a physical release. In this weeks video I describe how to do this step by step.

Being responsible for ourselves gives us the power to heal and let go of what no longer serves us. Just remember, forgiveness is not saying that what happened was okay but rather making the choice to no longer suffer over what has happened in our past.

Let go and let God. Sending you all Angel blessings.

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