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Review Crunch Time

Sunday ends Mercury retrograde and these final days are great to review what has been coming to you and repeating itself since we entered this phase on March 23. Observing your experience can help you decipher the messages that have been coming to you and search out the silver lining.

This retrograde has been one of the best for me yet. Although challenging, I am interested to see how it ends. A personal experience has been that I have great endurance in the beginning but coming out of the retrograde has been very trying in the past so I am learning to exit with more grace and gratitude this time. We will see what happens.

For this week I wanted to share some of my own lessons as I know they can help others as they peer into my experiences from an outside perspective. Over this retrograde the world resounded a clear message, use your energy more wisely and review where you are already having this success. This has brought a clearer focus on prosperity consciousness and understanding the energy of synergy. This means that two or more energies cooperate and create a greater outcome than either can produce on its own. Just as a single seed planted in cooperation with the right season and conditions will grow a plant that produces multiple fruits that each contain multiple seeds. The way we use our energy can also produce greater results where everyone involved benefits.

The flip side of this is also accepting what I contribute my energy to that is not seeing a return and letting it go, even if I want it. The only reason we want anything is because of how we believe we will feel when we have it. This means having faith that everything still works out ok and to be happy with what is working for now without needing anything else.

My hope is that these shared lessons will help you find your own path, enjoy the journey and have much love and light this season. Cheers!

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