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Truth Bombs

This is a fast manifesting week and I am witnessing the two main ways people get their needs met: power and manipulation or through universal source (or God) and positive action. Power and manipulation is an external focus to control others to get our needs met and is driven by anger and fear. God and positive actions is an internal focus to shift oneself to align to their desires and take positive action to get our needs met and is driven by love and faith. So as we encounter people who want to control us and make us responsible for their results and outcomes, allow me to help you by dropping some truth bombs that can help you set stronger and clearer boundaries.

  1. You are not allowed to mistreat anyone. Ever. No excuses. This is for the ones who think that if they find a dramatic enough excuse they are allowed to disrespect you or cross your boundaries because they had a bad day. Respect is mandatory and is not based on a mood or only available when someone has a good day.

  2. Needs, responsibilities and boundaries don't evaporate because you found something more important or you don't agree with them. Again this is another power tactic to diminish you and to say I have something more important than my responsibilities to you. Needs, responsibilities and boundaries are a clear line, they need to be met. If someone thinks these are optional, then you will find yourself in a power struggle or doing someone else's work.

  3. Clean up your messes. If you hurt someone, drop a responsibility that creates a bigger problem or you neglected someone and now they are mad at you don't ignore it and wait for someone else to give up or fix it for you. Clean up the problems you created.

  4. Things do not repair themselves. Again this is someone not being responsible for their part in being destructive. If a relationship bond has been damaged by your doing, take affirmative and positive actions to fix it. This is the step after conflict resolution as well, once you resolve the problem put effort into repairing the bond.

  5. If you can't let it go, you're taking it personal and it has nothing to do with you. This is not a black or white rule, but seriously ask yourself these questions. Is this my problem? Did I honestly cause this problem? If you answered no, then it's likely you are not the solution to it either. For empaths, these questions can help you let go of energy by not taking it person and not absorbing it. If it's not about you and you still can't let it go it's likely that you want it to be about you and you can't take the truth of the matter. It may be harsh, but if it helps you be free then take it.

Over the next week focus on your true source of power, yourself and know that God and Universal source is working on your behalf to manifest the life you want. If you need help with coping with manipulative, narcissistic or cruel people then reach out and book a session.

If you found this post helpful or you know someone this post may help, please share!

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