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Mirror, Mirror

If the world is our mirror, what message have you been sending out? This week has brought alot of downloads and deep insights and following the crumb trail has brought forward some amazing new information. As apart of my gift I will stumble upon something such as an idea or a question and I will have an insatiable need to follow the information and 90% of the time I find the answers I am seeking pretty quickly. This happens even for clients when the right information passes through my hands just before I meet the person that needs the answers. The small and powerful question this week was, what are mirror neurons and how does that impact or empathy? Essentially scientists in Italy were studying monkeys learning to open peanuts and watched the brain activity that was activating when they took action. What they discovered was that a monkey observing a human opening a peanut triggered the same neurons in the monkey, as though the money was moving. What this meant was that the brain did not distinguish between doing the action and observing the action, it mirrored what it was watching.

This lead into many new and deeper understandings including how we either respond and mirror our environment,which is then mirrored back to us in an endless loop of the same results or we consciously choose to respond. It's a cycle of what stimulation comes in will usually trigger an automated reaction from us. That reaction goes out and creates more of the same. So picture this, if the world is our mirror it's showing us what we are sending out, however if you are just reacting on autopilot and mirroring the world it's an endless cycle of more of the same. So how do we create change, we start by looking at ourselves in the mirror and really ask what is the world reflecting back at me? Then contemplate what would you like the world to reflect instead?

Running on autopilot is going to yield the same results week over week. Stop and consider for a bit whether you want to create something new and ask if you are willing to invest your time into stepping into "being" the person who has achieved the goal on a consistent basis. It's who you are being most of the time that yields the results. This is why I tell my clients it's called an energy diet. Just like a food diet to loose weight, you can't eat celery for breakfast and cake the rest of the day and expect results. You need to be consistent throughout the day until you achieve your results, then continue even after. If this was a food diet, once again you can't go back to eating cake all day once you've reached your goal because you'll just go back to the way things were.

So as you venture into this week consider whether you are mirroring your environment or are you being masterful and creating it.

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