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Gratitude Attitude

GRATITUDE! One of my favorite topics. Often I hear "How do I get what I want?". My response is generally the same: stay focused on clear goals, prepare and be open to recieve and practice gratitude for what you have now. Having goals and being driven are both good qualities and often signify a desire to grow, but if your thoughts are consumed by what you don't have this can lead you to anxiety (worrying about the future) or depression (worrying about the past). An easy way to curb this and gain some great benefits in your life is GRATITUDE.

In as little as 5 mintues a day writting down 3 to 5 things you are greatful for in a gratitude journal has proven to give participants many benefits. If you are really dedicated to creating a positive mindset then spend a half hour and journal your gratitude. Each day choose something different and try not to repeat the same things.

Practicing gratitude has been shown to improve enjoyment of life and overall health. Dr. Robert Emmons, professor of pschology at University of California has been studying the effects of those who practice gratitude and found multiple benefits, some of these are listed below:

  • Achieving your goals faster! Those who practiced gratitude had greater progress in a 2 month period than those who didn't.

  • Greater compassion and empathy for others.

  • Decrease stress, depression and anxiety

  • More likely to share and be less threatened by others success

If that is not reason enough to start practicing gratitude then I encourage you to check out Dr. Robert Emmons' website for more benefits to this simple practice.

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