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Employment Search Tips; Advice from Angels, Recruiters & Successful Searchers

This week there was a strong request for advice on employment searches and how to be successful in finding employment in today's market. With the market place changing and a current Employer market where there are fewer spots available and more employees searching you asked "What would it take to land the right job in today's market?" and this week I deliver!!!

The amount of content that came to me was heartwarming, so know there are Angels and people out there who want you to be successful. There is so much content that I only covered about one third of it in this weeks video. So if you want help with your employment search then please call and book a session. For the month of June I will be offering a discounted rate for those seeking Angel coaching on employment searches. Please call for details.

In this weeks video I channeled Angel messages on how to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually to be the most powerful force possible before you more into action. Then I cover a great deal of helpful and relevant tips from a recruitment specialist on what employers are looking for. Then I touch base on tips form a recent successful searcher and what it took for her to land a great new job!

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