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Astrology Bites & What's New at TLG

Some new things are happening here at Tru Lite Guide. If you haven't taken time to like my Facebook page, you may want to! Every Monday I'll be sharing a little quote or Angel message and every Wednesday I'll be sharing a tip for HSP (Highly Sensitive People) and Empaths. So if you haven't yet, you'll want to check that out. Also as another exciting component, I'll be starting a LIVE weekly webinar series where you will be able to get a mini FREE reading. This will be coming soon, so check back for details on that.

This week I touch on a quick astrology update as we are now under the sun sign of Cancer and how that is affecting us, as well as an Angel message to help guide you this week.

As always if you find this information helpful, please share! If you would like your own questions answered please send an email to and I'd love to answer it in next weeks Facebook Live!

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