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Receiving Is Not About What You Do

Are you constantly miffed by not understanding why you do not have what you want? You may be one of many who has encountered a belief that "Action" equals "Having". What this means is that you believe what you have is directly impacted by your actions. If you have this belief you are likely an over achiever and need constant things to keep you busy or you feel like you are falling behind.

Consider for a moment that having has very little to do with action. The only thing that you truly have control over in this life is yourself. What you think, feel, choose and your actions. Receiving generally has alot to do with outside events and people you have no control over. So how do you get what you want? Be very clear in your asking, then feel it like you have it. When you move into action do so as though you have faith what you want is coming to you. Then when you give, you do so without any resentment or attachment.

If you are looking for help in understanding this lesson, or if you want to learn the techniques I use to delete the old beliefs and create new ones, then book a session here.

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