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Control Stops Abundance

The subtle ways you may be trying to control other peoples reactions or emotions can be stopping your abundance. Sure these subtle ways seem harmless such as when you agree to do something you really don't want to do, just so the other person won't be upset. Maybe its the way you express your needs, focused more on how the other person will respond than on being authentic. Finally what if you're the person who perpetually over gives or maybe you are the forever "victim" who needs things done for them. These are all forms of control and they block the flow of abundance.

When you try to control how your needs or requests are met, you don't allow the natural flow of abundance to answer your call. Ultimately it blocks your happiness, uses too much of your energy and in the end will leave you feeling resentful. Try instead focusing on yourself and coming from a place of self love, integrity and respect for all. If the other person isn't happy with your message or decision, then let that be about them and don't take it personally.

Then your weekly card message also resonates this message with an added message, let go! If you want something in your life then make room for it. If you want new clothes, make room in your closet. If you want a new relationship, let go of the resentment of the last relationship you had. The message here is let go and have faith in the way things need to unfold and know that your needs may be met in ways you had never thought of.

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