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Healing Shame

This week there have been a lot of messages about the energies of shame, that feeling that makes you just want to hide. After some insights of my own I found some much needed insights from some research that resonated a lot of what had come through from the Angels. One of which was a simple and super clear explanation of what shame is and how it impacts us.

Consider you are moving forward, taking action and being creative and something stops you. This could be a negative comment that hits you at the core, a rejection or maybe you are being completely ignored...suddenly the brakes have been put on and that feeling your feeling (you guessed it) its shame. How do you avoid this negative impact, well if in that moment someone gives compassion and connects with you the impact is lessened and will likely dissipate. If no one does then it can fragment or misaligned us mentally, emotionally and quite literally has a physical impact on our bodies and make us unable to move forward and take action. Uncertain why you can't take action, you may want to consider if shame is impacting you.

So what can you do about it? Well shame is a tricky thing and needs to be approached gently and with compassion. Mentors, spiritual teachers, counselors or psychiatrists are all ways of creating the connection and compassion that is needed in order to bridge the gap to healing. The Angels have continued to show me one simple method of seeing things as only outcomes, the what happened without meaning or emotion. Then consider a new outcome and finally connect to yourself and one things you love about you. This love energy is incredibly healing. If you cannot bridge this gap alone, as many resources will tell you, reach out to a trusted source such as a psychiatrist or spiritual healer such as myself for help with the healing process.

On another note, an update about the fast approaching charity event I will be joining. There is only one spot left for my Angel Readings at the OSS - One Stop Shop in Support of Youth Mental Health happening November 4th at the Newmarket Community Centre. In addition to my readings there are other services that are being donated, such as- hair cutting/styling, manicures, makeup, massages and photo sessions.

All the info can be found at

There are 40 vendors to shop from and there are a number of items to bid on in the silent auction. Hope to see you there!

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