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Confidence, Change & Justice

You're creating change and your hitting a wall. You've visited my posts on Mental Trauma and Shame but both seem too big for what you are experiencing. Then you may just be swinging the emotional pendulum too far.

You've started out with a vision, maybe you've created a dream board and you are feeling inspired, excited and ready for action. Then it hits, you don't know where to start, your confidence dives and your emotional pendulum swings from inspired all the way to overwhelmed. That's ok and there is something simple you can do about it.

When creating your big dream you will need inspiration and the magical ingridient "confidence". Simply put you must truly believe in your ability to achieve what you want, i.e. confidence. So when preparing mentally and emotionally before action stretch your inspiration a step above your confidence, but not too far. If the gap is too big, overwhelm sets in. If you make your confidence stand on its toes to reach your inspired level...that's change!!! You will have to get uncomfortable to create change. Being comfortable just means you're creating more of the same. Which is fine if you want to stay where you are.

The Angels, in particular Archangel Raguel, are also here to give you a powerful message. Maybe you have a couple of people in your life that are pecking at your confidence and you're suspicious but not sure if you should take action. Well according to Archangel Raguel there are many of you dealing with passive aggressive people. You know the ones who put cute labels on their actions and words so as to make it seem like they're only "joking". Your angels want you to be direct and clear, these actions, no matter what you call them, are not ok and if they do not stop then you should take action. If someone needs to put a disclaimer on their choice of words "I'm only joking" or they need to excuse their behavior as "that's not what I mean, you're taking it too serious" then it's clear they know their actions are wrong and they think its ok to mistreat you. Call on Archangel Raguel to help you restore balance and take confident action when you find yourself in these situations.

As always if you find these messages powerful and helpful the please share!

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