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The 4 Psychic Gifts and Empathy

Last weeks post of Angel Symbols was popular so I decided to share the other ways your Angels are talking to you. The Angels work through more than physcial symbols. As much as these physical symbols make it easy to notice the messages they are sending to us they also talk to us through intuition and our psychic or extra sensory perceptions. Finally I also touch on Empathy, the one gift that is genetic, either you have it or you don't. So let's touch on each of the psychic senses:

Clairvoyance: Psychic sight is an internal and often fuzzy visual that pops up quickly. Maybe someone says they are going to pick up their car. Did you notice an image in your mind of a red car? You may be seeing their car in your psychic sight.

Clairaudience: Psychic hearing. This sounds just like your internal voice, the difference is it is the first thought that pops in your head. Often subtle and quieter than our ego mind. They may also repeat messages through people you love and trust. These are messages that make you feel expanded in your body and energy.

Clairsentience: Psychic feeling. This is a sensation you notice on your body such as tingling, heat, pain or my favorite goosebumps! When I get goosebumps I know that the Angel messages I am receiving are precise and need no interpretation.

Claircognisance: Psychic knowing. This is like a big download and a complete or profound understanding. Often these messages then need to be brought down to the more tangible senses of seeing, hearing and feeling so they can be used.

Empathy: This is genetic, you either have it or you don't. Much like blue eyes or brown eyes. Empaths take energies into their bodies and can sense what it is like to be another person. Are you an empath? I have four main questions I ask my clients to determine if they are:

1 - Do you take on others problems as though they are your own yet when you need help you often find you're alone?

2 - Do you have an emotional or physical sensation when you meet someone for the first time or enter a space?

3 - You can look at a picture of a person and have a clear sense of who that person is?

4 - Have you noticed that when you walk out to a warm or cold day, you have a physical sensation as much as an emotional sensation?

If you answered yes to these questions, it pretty safe to say you are an empath. This is like having a radio that broadcasts your own station, but when others radios come near your station becomes distorted and broadcasts interference. For non empaths they don't experience this as their own station stays clear no matter who they are around.

Finally your Angel message for this week asks you to open up to your intuition and the creativity that intuition offers. Explore for yourself the playful and fun ways your Angels are talking to you.

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