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Positive Power

Positive thinking is so incredibly powerful for our results and aligns our goals and the universe together to push us towards success. You see when you have gratitude and believe in what you want then your brain will automatically look to prove what you believe is right. Likewise the universe will also be aligned to your wish and show you that you are right. So if you believe ``Nothing ever goes right for me`` your brain will look for possibilities to prove this and so will the universe. However if you think ``The answer is always within reach`` then your brain is open to new possibilities, prove your right and the universe will align you to the answer.

Another important part is the difference between asking and receiving. You see asking is one energy, receiving is another. When making a request ensure that you spend time feeling it like you have it, maybe even use my favorite affirmation ``I am so happy and grateful that I have...(fill in the blank)``. When you feel good about it and feel as you have it, have faith, take a breathe and let your request go. Then have faith in the process. Think of it as a drive through. There is the box where you place your order and once you`re done you must drive up to the pick-up window and wait, having faith that they`ll get your request right. You wouldn`t sit at the order box repeating your order and expecting that your order will come. You`d know that you`d have to drive up to the pick up window.

The Angels are aligned to this message and this weeks card reflects that you`re plans are working out very well. It`s time to prepare for what you have asked for and start planning for what`s next. To prepare for what you`ve asked for you might want to clear out some space in your home for what you`ve asked for or if its a new job, what can you do today to make your transition to your new position easier. Also when planning look ahead to your next project and even next year. As of December 3rd we will be in mercury retrograde, a time of review rather than planning. So start your intentions for next year now so that you receive the greatest and most positive start to the New Year.

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