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As we end 2017 I asked the Angels for guidance for Love, Career and Personal Growth as we prepare and enter 2018. As 2017 reduces to a #1 year in numerology, which is all about fast manifesting, focusing on the self and creating a plan for the next 9 years in 2018 we enter into a master number year and a #2 year. 2018 when reduced is first brought down to master number 11, the number for fast manifesting. The message that has ended 2017 has been to accept the truth, surrender your need to control and change things and embrace your true thoughts and emotions. Then release the negative emotions for better peace and health, and when you can't then have compassion for yourself. Compassion is at the energy level of forgiveness and is a powerful and positive energy that will bring good things into your life. The #2 year also signifies a time of unions and working with other people. This is about the unions and partnerships you will form to help you create your dreams over this 9 year cycle.

Then we delve into what you need to know about your Love, Career and Personal Growth as we end this year and start another. Listen to the Angels guiding words to help you focus yourself to your greatest success!

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