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Love is Key

The Angels were very excited this week and were flooding me with energy and messages. The fun part, your personal growth and love life are connected this week. As I pulled the cards for your messages for love, career and personal growth the energy was fun, curious and just as I started, very abundant and powerful. The Angels really want to have fun with you this week as they help you let go of the past and get centered and focused on preparing for your successes and what is to come next.

Pay attention though to areas in your love life that are driving you crazy. Then ask yourself if the only area this problem shows up is in your romantic life, or is it showing up in your friendships, work relationships or a pattern you've noticed with past relationships. If you are seeing it elsewhere or a familiar relationship from your past then you likely have something to do with it. Don't put it all on your partner, but ask your Angels for what you need to do next. Often it's about accepting the truth of what happened, even if it sucked. This is not where you get all positive about the situation to make yourself feel better and cover it up. Truly accept that what happened sucked, wasn't fair or was just down right ugly. Then let go of the negative emotions around it. Ask Archangel Michael to clear any cords you have to this time in your life, or any attachments to the people and release how badly you feel. Lets face it, you can't wait for circumstances to change, for people to validate your suffering or change before you feel better. Just go ahead and feel better about yourself and this whole thing right now, just because you can.

For career the Angels are reminding you that this is a number two year and that means its all about connections. This year its important that you look at your career connections and make a point of nurturing, growing and make new connections all throughout the year starting now in January. They call on you to make plans that once a month you check your Linked in profile, join a Meet up or online community and create and strengthen your work and career connections. Also make plans for the next step. So if you are looking for a new job, for example, plan now the steps you'll need to take action on once you're received that offer. This might be looking into childcare or a wardrobe, so once things materialize you can go right into action!

For me the most fun and exciting part of this weeks message is, your personal growth is completely about your love life. As you make changes with yourself your love life will directly benefit. When you have a better loving connection to yourself, it will most definately show up in your love life.

Please share this video, subscribe to my page for updates and comment as I love to hear from all of you. Until next week!!!

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