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Synchronicity & Acceptance

Synchronicty and acceptance. How interesting and so much fun this message is this week. The Angels really focus us towards understanding that we are in a #2 year, which is all about working with others and this week specifically learning to work with the universe. You see the universe wants to be a co-create with us, to bring us what we need. In order to be synchronized to the universe and its help we first have to accept that we might not have the answer. Actually we may have to abandon working on what really matters right now and focus on something else until we can become less stressed, more detached and willing to listen. This is one of those times it is ok to ignore what is bothering you, for the sake that you can come back to it when you're clearer and allow the universe to go to work for you.

I know this message is unusually short this week, but I trust that my video has already captured the essence of what the Angels really want you to know this week. If you're still stuck and need more guidance then maybe check out the lyrics to "Wang Chung Tonight" and know you're angels will travel the distance for you and your words make reality ;)

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