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Green: Color of Healing

Archangel Raphael comes through strongly in love and career to help you heal this week. He resonates with the color green and helps us heal in all aspects of our life whether it be spiritual, mental, emotional or physical. He also helps us heal other areas of life such as healing our financial flow or ability to have more fun!

The resounding messages is that we all think we know what we want and what that would look like. This can block our energies and get us stuck into a pattern or a rut. If you look for the magic of the now, what is magical about this moment in your life, then you connect to the magic of life itself! If you can do this and let go of your specific way of seeing things then the universe and your Angels will come in and help you. Remember this is the year to know when to take action and when to give room to co-create with others the loving energies of your Angels and the universe that are all around you.

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