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Power of Truth

The powerful message this week is to accept the truth of what bothers you, then make decisions. It can be easier to ignore the truth, lie to ourselves or others because it's more comfortable than accepting that the truth hurts, is inconvenient or by accepting the truth we are faced with an uncomfortable decision.

If we accepted the truth we would then be accountable for our choices and where we repeat patterns in our lives. Ultimately though, it is not all doom and gloom. By accepting the truth and releasing our judgements of it we are then free to pursue what is in our best interest for our health, happiness and prosperity.

Maybe your work situation has not worked out as you expected. What you may not be seeing is this is an answer from your Angels telling you what you really want is a job that makes you happy and what you had wasn't doing it for you. See your situation with gratitude and gratitude for yourself and notice how things start aligning for you.

Trust the universe, angels and the process because they trust that you are ready for what you want!

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