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Contest Announcement

My first Facebook Contest launches today at 12pm EST. Participants will be entered to win a FREE 30 Minute Angel Reading with me by phone or skype. Additionally part of the contest requires you to pay-it-forward by nominating three friends for a chance to win my secondary prize of 1 Week of Angel Messages. Visit in order to enter.

Now for some weekly Angel guidance. This week there is clear change happening with many of us and its coming from our personal growth, as change usually does. When change comes from personal growth it lasts as long as we stay with what we have learned. So what do you need to know as you go through change? Embrace it.

Mindfulness has been a very strong theme this year and this tool is going to continue to be a strong skill as we move forward. It's all about embracing your emotions, good or bad and not fearing them. Sometimes we are fearful we will be swallowed whole by our negative emotions or we worry what it will do to our law of attraction results. The truth is all emotions are positive if you work with them correctly. Be willing to sit with your emotions and give yourself compassion. Listening to your emotion will point to what is going on and what you need to take into consideration as you move forward. Secondly change is uncomfortable and it is supposed to be. If things are completely comfortable then it means its familiar and if its familiar then you are creating more of the same.

The second part of going through change is knowing that often only one step at a time is revealed to you. Guidance on what is next may not come until you need to take that action, so listen for the guidance and be willing to take the action when it comes up. This requires a great deal of trust in yourself and that you will be ok. So work on your confidence and you sense of security.

Third and final point about change is you do not need to go through it alone. Working with a program, group or even through my own Angel Coaching can help you as you develop the new skills required as you go through change. Also a consistent program helps with staying on course, maintaining a sense of security and being comfortable with who you are and who you are becoming through this change.

Regardless of what is coming up for you, know that your Angels are with you to help guide you every step of the way. Embrace your emotions and don't avoid them. Finally stay focused and confident that everything will work out just as it should.

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