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As the weather begins to warm and the days are getting longer the energies are calling us to wake up and start taking action on the intentions we set at the beginning of the year. As the winter is a time of reflecting and rest, the signs of spring beckon to us to start taking action. Be clear and direct in your actions and move forward with confidence in yourself and courage. As you may not know exactly what you will encounter, just know that the right path will always be shown to you at the right timing. You intuitively already know exactly what you need to do to get started.

When working with your Angels and finding the flow, pay attention to where you feel creative and yet challenged. This is a sign that you are on the right track to creating change. The universal energy that flows through everything and co-creates with us is a creative and inspiring energy. So when you find yourself flowing with creative ideas and take action confidently you'll start seeing results if you have faith and stay with it. As for feeling challenged, its a good thing and why you'll need courage. When things feel uncomfortable or challenging it means you are treading into new areas of your life and ultimately to new results.

As you move forward with your intentions in whatever way inspires you, remember to connect with others and share your vision. Just know that not everyone can appreciate what you want to create, so know your audience. Be sure that your plans include other people or your partner. Connecting with others to share your vision and your values will make the journey ahead that much more meaningful.

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