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Mercury Retrograde

Welcome to the first Mercury Retrograde of 2018 in the sign of Aires. This is a time to stop and backup your phones and computers and pause on starting anything new. A retrograde is a time when a planet appears to be moving backwards and this causes us to pause and reflect. Mercury is the planet of the mind and of communication, so all those subconscious thoughts are going to be on the surface more and what we say may not be understood by other parties.

Although many people find Mercury retrograde to be a bother, I have come to find it both interesting and a gift if you use this time to your advantage. If your plans are not working out because of a subconscious thought or belief, now is a time when this will come to the surface so you can process it and prepare for success. Reviewing your progress is a great masterful tool during this retrograde. Remember that not everything is broken or stuck, so look at what has been successful for you and ask yourself "What can I learn from this success that will help me with this situation?". Your previous solutions and successes can hold many keys to what will help you through your current sticky situations or you may find that you are trying a "one size fits all" approach to your problems and that your current situation will need a new approach.

As I recently shared with a client of mine, I do not deliver methods - I deliver results. This means that sometimes we want a "system" in order to deal with everything in our life. Every emotion or every negative person, but what I've learned is that this often does not work. Because the tools or resources you have today can help you with what you are currently faced with but when you "level up" yourself or your life, those tools are not always suited for this new level of life.

Knowing what tools are timeless (such as gratitude, mindfulness and releasing letters) and what other tools may only be good in certain circumstances or phases of your life (such as shielding, taking action or resting and the power of positivity). This retrograde is going to ask us if we are willing to ditch our "methods" and focus on the "results" we want and to listen for the guidance that is finding us. For some, this will be a time to work alone and for others it might be time for coaching and guidance. Sometimes even knowing what you need to do is not enough, as change takes great deals of effort and energy. If you are in this situation then outside guidance and healing will serve you well. Listen to your intuition for what is the next, right step towards your results.

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