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It may be the first week of Mercury retrograde, but that can be a good thing. This week I have seen so many ways that I have been missing opportunities, overlooking things (such as money just sitting around) and received opportunities to improve my way of doing things just because I was willing to tough it out, comprimise and negotiate. That being said, if you haven't visited last weeks blog post I would recommend you do.

This week the theme of success carries us forward, letting us know that focusing forward without a need to rush is really helpful. Taking stock of where you have had success primes us to minimize the negative impact our problems have on us. When we allow our problems to make all of our lives feel completely stuck, then our problems take away our power. Switching your mindset to a "successful" view, you can see that maybe one or two things is not working but your dominant energy will be "successful" and drive you forward to further success in all areas of your life.

To help with this process the number one piece of advice that came forward for clients was...revisit a forgotten and well loved hobby. Being able to completely detach from what you are working towards helps you detach from its energies and gives the universe and other people the opportunity to take action and help close to the gap to a resolution or manifestation. Also doing something fun helps revitalize our life force energy, mental health and overall wellbeing. It can be tough to take our eyes off the prize or stop working on a solution, but sometimes it is where our energy is best spent. We've all encountered those days where we are doing everything right but are not making progress, its a sign that giving our problems space lets the solutions find us and if not, then at least you give yourself some time to breathe.

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