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Synergy: Get More Out of Life

Get more out of life than you put in, and you don't have to be a parasite to do it! Yes it's a concept often discussed as laws of attraction or manifesting, but when you look at it in the way of synergy your perception may shift and so may your results.

Synergy, in simple terms is cooperating forces that create greater results than what is put in. In math is would look like 1 + 1 = 3 or more. When you work in alignment and learn to cooperate your energy with another energy, this kind of result is possible. It also creates better relationships where you are focused on the cooperation of your energies, where both parties get more out of life rather than one person giving more and another taking more or a relationship where you put one in and get one out. That doesn't seem like growth to me.

Nature has synergy and its everywhere. Look at a simple seed, when planted and combined with the right energies/conditions it grows a beautiful plant that will likely bear many fruits and each of those fruits will have many seeds. You put in one and get back many. What if you learned to attune yourself to plant your own seeds of intention, notice which ones produce the most and learn to use your energy more wisely to see greater results?

In order to do this it takes patience, practice and sometimes going against your logic and listening to your gut, as taking direct action is not always the answer. There are times where giving your problems space, gives others and the universe a chance to work on your behalf.

Working with a spiritual coach is one way to start creating these results. I've seen it time and again that clients see greater results when seeing me on a consistent basis than when on their own. It's because my intentions combined with their intentions creates a greater momentum and synergy. This doesn't mean my clients are dependent on me, what it does mean is that those clients who have done coaching with me learn the skills and tools needed to create this synergy in all areas of their life. Then when my clients get a bit stuck, they check back in with me for guidance and some realignment. This is where clients who have finished a coaching round with me check back in for monthly maintenance calls to keep them flowing in the direction of their dreams.

If you found this article helpful, or know someone who this would help then please share!

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