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Saturn Retrograde

Saturn will be in retrograde until September. The planet of foundations will ask us to be patient as we ensure we are building on foundations that can support our dreams and our futures. At this time what you ask for is less important than why you ask for it. Hmmm, haven't I already mentioned that multiple times leading up to this retrograde. It was all in preparation for this retrograde to give you the tools you need to enter this retrograde with confidence and assertiveness.

Our foundations deal with our finances, energy, family, community and our boundaries around how we give and receive. If your foundation is too small it will not support your bigger dreams, if your foundation is too big and you lack the support or cooperation of others then you will find yourself burning out just maintaining the foundation and not having anything left to build upwards. If you lack boundaries with others then you may find them taking your resources without contributing to your needs and future.

Having a strong and consistent spiritual practice that incorporates the complete person is vital at this time. In order to breathe life into what you want it is important that all aspects of your life spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically are in flow to the same goals. Tapping into your personal power will yield the greatest results. For those of you creating change one tidbit of advice, just know that new beliefs or patterns require 21 days before they become permanent. That's 21 days of consistency, without missing a beat.

If you do not have the practices in place or need help and guidance finding out what your foundation needs in order to support your future then sign up for my Angel coaching. You'll be amazed at what potential you can discover :)

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