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Secure Foundations

Saturn retrograde is taking the lead with messages geared towards guiding you to build from the right foundations. To deliver this message I want you to consider this analogy that your foundation is your cup of life. The cup of life is where you pour your inspiration and emotions and it fills up. If your cup is cracked then no matter what you pour into the cup it will never be full. Before we start filling our cup we need to make sure that the cup is whole and complete.

When you acknowledge where energy is being wasted or you feel most powerless, then you see where the cracks in the cup are keeping you from feeling full. This week we are being called to step into a place where we feel whole before we take action. In my weekly card reading I tell you what foundation you need to start with before you take action to see the greatest results. I do this often and the results are amazing if you follow the guidance.

Instead of spending countless hours trying to up root the problem from your past and pouring hours of countless energy into your old wounds try getting to a higher ground first. Give yourself what you need, then from that higher vantage you will see things clearer. If you felt wounded and taken advantage of, then start by getting present and feeling powerful and grateful before taking action, without the need to go back to the old story. Just start out by acknowledging what you needed and give that to yourself in this moment. Maybe you'll learn that the only thing that you need right now is to give yourself what you needed back then and that the healing of that wound will take care of itself. Each persons journey is different.

Give it a try and if you do, I would love to hear your feedback. If you found this message helpful, please share!

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