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Coping With Change

When going through change it can be a challenge, especially if you are not feeling safe. Many people fight change and find it difficult to process and may even sabotage their own or others success in order to remain safe. We are creatures of habit and adapting to a new habit, even when it gives us what we want, may not be a natural or comfortable thing for most people.

Before I had my girls I found change to be exciting, different and I felt capable of taking on the world. After my girls were born things seemed more complicated and sometimes change just felt unnecessary and more work than it was worth. The challenges that come with change is having to face our truth and really asking "Is this truly good for me?". You'll also be faced with the question "Do I value this change more than my sense of security and safety?". From my years of offering free advice to loved ones and the subsequent years of giving guidance through my business I've learned our need for certainty drives most of us. If you value your sense of security above all else, you will likely only move forward or make the right choices when you feel guaranteed of your success.

When I encounter this as the dominant driving force I often see people holding onto old patterns that may hurt then, just so they don't have to face what is coming next. This is when I truly learned to respect the power of choice and the truth, that not all people want to change. They desire a sense of security so much they will sacrifice what is good, sabotage efforts to change and even lie and manipulate in order to keep things just the way they like them. This is not a judgement, but an observation and valuable lessons I've learned over many years. Ultimately we will succeed at creating what we desire the most, so we need to feel our goals are valuable and worth the work and risk involved.

This weeks reading brings through change in all areas of our lives, which means we will all be faced with acknowledging how we block our own success and how we adapt to change. If you find yourself lacking the tools to accept and process the changes that are coming into your life an Angel reading can help you find the clarity and direction you need and if you feel you need new skills and tools to adapt then check out my Angel Coaching.

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