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Daily Angel Cards

Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes and who have given my June zodiac readings lots of love. It's still early so if you haven't checked on your June zodiac report then check out last weeks post. This coming week I'm feeling inspired to do daily angel messages on my Facebook page. This will give you love and guidance for each day of your week.

If you love my daily Angel messages then let me know! I'm feeling inspired to take this step and if it's helping you and bringing you inspiration then I'd love to continue. So make sure to give these posts lots of love so I know you want me to continue.

This comes on the tails of a week that has been nothing other than interesting and filled with symbols from spirit and the universe. If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen posts about blue butterflies, animals as angels and even cake! All of these have been symbols that have been repeated to me in a short amount of time. The guidance each of these symbols is bringing me is not always clear in the moment, but as I let go of my concerns and look at the bigger picture I see lessons and messages unfolding as change is rippling through life.

Many people will ask me how to interpret the symbols and numbers they see in their lives and what I tell people is "what was your first thought when you saw the symbol? That is your answer". For me this week it has been the Universe sending me love, reassuring me that things are going well and to keep moving forward even if sometimes it doesn't seem like I'm making progress.

So for those of you who are seeing your own symbols, have trust that you are being guided and feel confident in the love that universe is sending you. With that faith you'll understand the messages that are coming to you.

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