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Butterfly Symbols

We are just into the beginning of June and I am seeing soo many symbols of guidance this time of year including the butterfly. So I thought I would share some of the meanings that are associated with the butterfly.

Butterflies themselves are very symbolic. For many people they represent transformation and new life as the butterfly starts as a caterpillar and through a statis and incubation comes out a beautiful butterfly. From being grounded to flying high in the sky the butterfly really speaks to us about new life and becoming our most beautiful selves.

These winged friends are also a common sign that the spirit of a loved ones who has passed on is with us. When you see the butterfly and think of a person who has passed on, it is a sure sign that they are with you. Notice any thoughts, feelings or scents at that time as these are all signs and messages from your loved ones.

The colors of the butterflies also hold symbolism and messages from the universe, who is always ready and guiding us. See if some of the messages and meanings below resonate with you.

Yellow is the color of joy, happiness and prosperity. The yellow butterfly is bringing you messages to be open to the joys of life. Be present in that moment and notice what in your surroundings brings you joy.

Blue is the color of acceptance, wisdom and the energy of calm. Watch the blue butterfly as it dances on the air and notice any thoughts or feelings that come to you. This winged Angel is certainly trying to tell you something.

Orange is the color of passion in love and in anger. This butterfly is a reminder to stay consistent but also balanced in our passions so that we do not get carried away. When you see this butterfly be mindful of being impatient, impulsive or explosive.

Black is the color of endings and beginnings and for Angels it is the color of protection. This is a reminder to go through change with caution, faith and be steady during this change. It is not a sign to worry, but be prepared and in faith you are being guided.

White is the color of luck and peace. The white butterfly is here to tell you to find peace in the moment, free of the burdens of the past or the worries of the future. Find luck in the moment and embrace the beauty that is around you.

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