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Each week people reach out asking "What does this mean?" This week I'll be answering some of these questions. If you have a question you would like answered in a future blog, send me an email with your question to

What does the yellow finch symbolize?

If this bright yellow bird has been capturing your eye and making you ponder, "I wonder why I keep seeing this bird?" it's likely that your Angels are telling you to pay attention to the opportunities they are sending you. The finch is a symbol of abundance and opportunity. The color yellow reminds you to recharge your solar plexus, this is where you hold the relationship to yourself and how you show up to the world in your actions. Remember to focus on what makes you feel confident as you take action. Be open for any possibility as new opportunities are likely to be entering your world.

I want to listen to Christmas music, what's up?

Music carries a strong vibration and Christmas music carries the energies of feeling safe in your tribe and wishes coming true. Christmas is a time of both giving and receiving. So give without hesitation and let go without needing anything in return. Your wishes will be fulfilled shortly. Also pay attention to those close to you as they are likely listening closely for hint and ideas on how they can help and support you. Think of it like your closest friends who are listening for hints on what to gift you at the holidays

My spiritual approach is clashing with my logic and planning, what do I do?

Use both! When you have a clear goal in mind, proceed with alignment. The manifesting channel looks like get a creative idea and you can feel it in your body (connection to spirit). You create a clear defined goal (mental alignment). You feel it like you have it (emotional alignment). Now listen for intuitive guidance, this is welcoming in your Angels and the universe to cooperate and work with you. Now take action!

If you have questions you would like answered for FREE, send me an email to with a quick description of what is going on and your question. I'll include the answer in an upcoming blog.

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