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Launching Online Courses

It's finally happening. My first online courses launching August 6!!! Preregister now.

Energy Foundations is exactly what it sounds like, a course for preparing your energy foundation to build the life of your dreams on. This is the very tool I use as a professional Psychic and Energy Healer. Consider if you have a cup with a hole in it, no matter how much you pour into your cup it never gets full. You’re constantly leaking energy or absorbing energy from others. No matter how much work you do or how much life pours into you it never lasts and you never feel fulfilled and you don’t know what to do about it.

Signs you have holes in your energy foundations

  1. Lacking confidence

  2. The need to please others

  3. Exhaustive effort for minimal results

  4. Manifesting fails or cannot be maintained

  5. Feeling others emotions

  6. Empath and HSP overload

  7. Sudden fatigue

  8. Feeling invisible or neglected

With many manifesting techniques today we are ignoring our true feelings and thoughts, which only creates more energy leaks and problems persist. Some empath programs are addressing how to get back into your own energy but they do not address the reason why you absorb or allow others energies into your aura.

This energy foundations course teaches you

  • To process negative emotions gently

  • Centre and ground yourself

  • Self compassion and how this benefits you

  • Core confidence

  • Identifying what energy is yours

  • Detachment

  • Foundations of love

  • And more…

Is this program right for you?*

  • If you are an empath or HSP, you have a basic understanding of your how your gifts work

  • Are aware of and have some understanding of LOA (laws of attraction)

  • Can meditate for 10+ minutes

  • Have 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes before bed and 5 minutes in the afternoon to complete the exercises

  • Are willing to make this a part of your daily routine

These spiritual tools are designed for mainstream living and is designed so you can integrate your tools in a practical and powerful way. This program is broken down into three parts. Each week you’ll build upon the lessons and energy of the previous week.

Week 1: Being Present – Reclaiming your Power

  1. Progress tracking

  2. Time commitments (15 minutes)

  3. Living from a full cup

  4. Power of being present

  5. Avoiding energy blocks

Week 2: The Observer – Intuitive Insights

  1. Progress tracking

  2. Time commitments (25 minutes)

  3. Being an observer

  4. Intuitive insights

  5. Returning to love

Week 3: Detachment – Mastering Internal Happiness

  1. Progress tracking

  2. Time commitment

  3. Detachment

  4. Core confidence

  5. Mastering internal happiness

*As a participant in this training you are taking full responsibility for your wellbeing. These courses and tools are not a substitute for traditional medicine or therapy. I am a strong believer in integrating traditional methods and spiritual practices. That is why I create spiritual tools for mainstream living. This tool and course is designed to help you better understand your spiritual energy and how to integrate spiritual tools into your mainstream life.

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