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Lunar Eclipse - Shine Your Inner Light

Today we will descend into a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! If you are sensitive to a full moon, this is extensively more powerful, and likely you are feeling just that much more sensitive at this time. This Lunar Eclipse is coming in under the sun sign of Leo, the lion. This is a time of inner focus on how we shine our inner light to the world. Having great gratitude for yourself and your unique gifts.

The moon is in Aquarius, the sign that asks us how we want to serve humanity. In what ways do you want to make other peoples lives better and leave this world a better place than when we entered. Don't think small scale, think about what legacy you want to leave behind. If you don't know what that is, think of what you want people to say at your eulogy.

So what does this mean for our energies, well anything you focus on right now is incredibly powerful and manifesting quickly. These energies are asking us to reflect inwards and validate ourselves with love and compassion. The energies from this eclipse will manifest for the next couple of months and be a major influence for the next 5+ years! So be positive, love yourself and give gratitude.

Wishing you all many Angel Blessings

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