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Mercury Retrograde Aug 12-Sep 5

Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow and is the planet of communication and ruler of the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo. The energies of this planet also work with our conscious and unconscious minds, it impacts how we communicate, messes with our electronics and our travel plans. It is not uncommon for emails to be lost or electronics to act weird during these energies.While Mercury is in retrograde it is not a good idea to start new projects, sign contract or plan travel.

A planetary retrograde refers to when a planet "appears" to be moving backwards from the view of earth. This is not the case as it only appears that way. How that affects our energy is that it can make us feel "stuck" or things are not moving forward in the areas of our lives that the planet governs. In the case of Mercury this can bring to light where we do not feel heard, subconscious patterns especially around relationships or travel. As a planet is in retrograde it allows us time to review our patterns and how we authentically feel. If you work with this gift from the universe and do your inner work, it can offer immense healing.

So if you feel stuck with this retrograde, write a journal and get your feelings and thoughts out on paper. Vent and be honest with yourself, then write what you really want instead. When you are done, let it go, throw it out or burn it to release the energies. If matters are really close to the heart or are really long term patterns it can be hard to see things clearly and this is when I recommend an Angel reading as your Angels and guides can offer great insight and healing energies to help you heal during this retrograde.

If you are stuck and looking for additional guidance then book a session here.

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